How Treblle optimized their Content Distribution

Treblle is a dev tool that specializes in providing real-time API monitoring and error-tracking solutions for Product and Engineering teams. They streamline the digital development process, making APIs transparent and manageable. Treblle focuses on enhancing user experiences by enabling developers and businesses to create more efficient and enjoyable digital interactions.


Treblle wanted to create more dev-focused content with the aim of becoming a thought leader in their segment. In order to achieve that, they wanted to optimize their content distribution and engagement strategy.

Initially, they had to manually combine social media analytics and website traffic data to gauge the performance of their digital content. This method involved tracking link opens, engagement rates, and other isolated metrics in different tools, which often led to inconclusive and non-actionable insights.

Problem Statement

The primary challenge was the fragmented nature of data collection and analysis, leading to a trial-and-error approach in content strategy and distribution, impeding their ability to make informed decisions. Relying on disjointed analytics tools meant that much of their strategy was based on assumptions rather than concrete data. This not only wasted valuable resources but also prevented the team from fully understanding and leveraging audience behaviors and expectations.

The need for a unified analytics solution was evident to bridge the gap between link clicks and conversions, especially in tracking the sign-ups they got from the content they shared in different channels.

Solution by Krunch

Krunch provided Treblle with an integrated analytics platform that went beyond basic link tracking and offered a 360-degree view of content performance and user engagement. By synthesizing data from various sources into a unified dashboard, Krunch enabled Treblle to move from merely tracking link clicks to deriving meaningful insights. It was able to answer questions like which channel/content gave them sign-ups at what time, which geography contributed to more sign-ups, etc.

Krunch’s advanced algorithms and user-friendly interface allowed for real-time monitoring and analysis, equipping the Treblle team with the tools to understand content reach, engagement patterns, and user behavior at a granular level.

Results and Impact

The impact of integrating Krunch into Treblle’s content distribution strategy was profound. While it’s challenging to quantify the improvement in numbers, the shift from unawareness to informed decision-making was unmistakable. The platform’s insights led to a more nuanced understanding of audience behavior, enabling Treblle to tailor its content more effectively and engage users more profoundly.

Features like the “right-click to krunch” link shortcut significantly streamlined the distribution process, enhancing team efficiency and productivity. With these tools, Treblle was able to refine its content strategy continuously, resulting in improved user engagement and satisfaction.

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