November ’23 Product Updates

At Krunch, we decided it was time to start sharing monthly updates on everything we had worked on in the past month. We want to take this as an opportunity to introduce you to the exciting features we release every week. 

What’s New?

From revamping landing pages, launching blogs to introducing personal data analyst, we have been hard at work. Lets dive into the previous month recap.

AI Data Analyst

Introducing your built-in Data Analyst, KrunchIT. It is your new IT guy and can answer any questions related to the links you created, like which content drove maximum sign-ups or which geo gave top followers, etc., 

Check out the demo video that explains this AI data analyst.

New Landing Page


We also revamped our Landing pages and started writing blogs regularly. You will now see a lot more noise from us talking about how to track conversions from your posts, threads, and tweets.

Visit our New Landing Page

What’s next in pipeline?

🚀 KrunchGPT

We have built a custom GPT for budding Dev Marketers and DevRel. KrunchGPT is an influencer matchmaker that lets you find relevant influencers within your niche. We are also training it to give you more insights on how to launch your dev tool on Hacker News and Product Hunt.

🎯 New Dashboard

We are working to build a new dashboard where you can gather all the insights from one single place. We are also revamping our UI to give you a better user experience.

⚒️ Hubspot Integration

We are exploring integrations with CRMs to give you a clear picture of sign-ups. We are starting this by integrating the famous and one of the most used CRMs – HubSpot.

With this integration, Krunch can not only let you know the button clicks but also how many true sign-ups your blog, threads, and videos contributed.

Community Shoutout

I also would like to share some of the great content posted by our users. They used Krunch to track the engagements and conversions from their posts.

That’s all about the updates we did at Krunch. See you next month with updates like these.

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