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Track Where Your Developer Audience Came From

See how your posts, threads, tweets, videos, etc. convert your audience in different channels like Slack, Discord, Hackernews, Reddit, etc. & other social media.

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Link Shortener For Dev Tool Startups But With More Insights

Sign Ups

Track how many sign-ups each of your posts, threads, or tweets generated in just 2 steps.

Fork & Stars

Know how many Forks and Stars your content generates for your GitHub repo.

AI Content Summarization

Generate a summary of your blogs in seconds that can suit Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, GitHub, etc.

Channel Subscriptions

Track how many subscriptions you got for your Twitch or YouTube channel from your content.


Track Conversions
in just 2 Steps

Find out how many sign-ups, stars/forks, or followers your content drives in just 2 steps.

No need for complex set up and multiple tools.

No Need For UTMs or Multiple Links

Krunch automatically creates new links for each channel and post. So, you do not need to create new links or add UTM parameters to your blogs.

Personal AI Content Strategist

Ask our built-in AI Content Strategist who can answer which post, tweet, or discussion thread is driving the most conversions, like signups or forks/stars, and WHY?

It can also analyze the actual piece of content, text, and images, tell you why it is performing so well, and provide you with suggestions to improve.

What people are saying

Mary Thengvall

Mary Thengvall

Advisor @ Krunch

Producing high-quality technical content is an important part of a DevRel team’s mission, but it’s often difficult to know what type of content is most effective for our community. Krunch takes the guesswork out of it and lets my team simply focus on the work they truly enjoy.

Steve McDoughall

Steve McDoughall

Dev Advocate @ Treblle

I’ve been using @krunchdata for a while now and I am very impressed. Not only is it a great product but the team is top notch. They have been super responsive to my feedback and are the easiest to work with. Give it a try if you’re looking for an analvtic solution.

Marcos Placona

Marcos Placona

Director DevRel @ Circle

Kudos to the @krunchdata team for understanding that measuring content creation efforts in DevRel is the “holy grail” to success, and their automation of reporting not only removes the burden of crunching numbers but also tackles the challenging task of measurement with utmost efficiency.

Sara Mount

Sara Mount

CTO @BeautifulCanoe

Super-impressed by @krunchdata which automates a bunch of audience and content data collection and analysis. Thanks to @jesslynnrose for the heads-up

Tim Davis

Tim Davis

DevOps Advocate @ Envo

The team from @krunchdata have been working on a great platform to help you gain insight and visibility into the performance of your content. If you’re curious about how your content is resonating in your community, you should check it out.

Jonan Scheffler

Jonan Scheffler

Director of DevRel @New Relic

Measuring devrel and content efforts can be terrible, @krunchdata nearly put it on autopilot for us. So helpful as we launched and grew the team.

Know Which Channel Works For You

Krunch your links instantly and know which channel works best for your audience and what type of content converts the most.