Krunch - The Best Rebrandly Alternative

Rebrandly is a link management platform designed for creating, sharing, and managing branded short links. It emphasizes brand visibility and recognition, allowing users to customize short URLs with their own brand name.

Whereas, Krunch redefines content tracking for DevRels and DevMarketers, offering deep insights into conversions and channel effectiveness. It helps you analyze which content form and channel works best to convert your developer audience.

Why choose Krunch?

Krunch can tell you more than just clicks, it can tell you how many signups, forks, stars, subscribers to Youtube or followers on Twitch your URL has created.

It simplifies link management and tracking with automated link creation and a two-step conversion tracking process, making it efficient and user-friendly.

Comparing Rebrandly Vs. Krunch

While Rebrandly is centred around link management and marketing efficiency, Krunch delves more into broader data analytics offering more insights on conversions & channel optimization for the developer tool startups and DevRel community.

Target Audience
Built for broader audience
Built for Dev tool startups
Conversion Attribution *
Conversion Tracking
Not Available
Tracks Sign ups, Forks/Stars, Subscriptions
AI Summarization
Not Available
AI Data Analyst
Not Available
Team Space
URL Shortening
Campaign Analytics
URL Customization
Multiple Domains
Not Available

* Conversion Attribution: In you need to create a separate link for each channel to track the performances, however, with Krunch you just have to create one link and it provides info on which channel gets more engagement automatically.

Effortless Link Management

Krunch removes the need for creating separate links for each Channel. Our magic link feature automatically creates a separate link whenever you paste our shortened link into a new channel and auto-append UTM to it, syncing the data with other analytic tools you are using.

Krunch’s zero-setup conversion tracking and easy link customization allow teams to collaborate effectively, share insights, and understand content performance with just a few clicks.

Track Which Channel And Post Works

Krunch excels in tracking conversions across diverse channels such as Slack, Discord, Hackernews, Reddit, and other social media platforms. 

With Krunch, you can see exactly how your content is performing and engaging your developer audience, enabling you to tailor your strategies for maximum impact.

Ready to get started?

Stop creating multiple URLs or adding UTMs to your links. Know where your developer audience came from using Krunch.