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What is SitemapMonitor?

SitemapMonitor is  a free competitor monitoring tool that keeps track of the new landing pages and blogs published by your competitor.

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Hey you@example.com

Your weekly report on page published by your competitors from Dec 24, 2023 to Dec 31, 2023 is here.

competitor1.com published these pages last week


  • competitor1.com/blogs/sample-blog-title-1
  • competitor1.com/blogs/sample-blog-title-2
  • competitor1.com/blogs/sample-blog-title-3

Landing Pages

  • competitor1.com/features/sample-feature
  • competitor1.com/integrations/sample-integrations
competitor2.com published these pages last week


  • competitor2.com/blogs/sample-blog-title-1
  • competitor2.com/blogs/sample-blog-title-2
  • competitor2.com/blogs/sample-blog-title-3

Landing Pages

  • competitor2.com/features/sample-feature
  • competitor2.com/integrations/sample-integrations

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